Quality Care, Quality Jobs!

Each and every day, nursing home workers strive to provide our residents with the best quality care. But too often, we are asked to do more with less – less staffing, low pay, inadequate benefits and even shortages of necessary supplies. What’s worse, politicians are attacking funding for nursing home care, claiming budgets are tight, while rich investors and corporations continue to pay taxes at historically low—and historically unfair– rates. How are we supposed to provide the level of care our residents deserve under these conditions?

Our loved ones and communities deserve better.

We are refusing to stand by while nursing homes and politicians make decisions that hurt our families, seniors, and people with disabilities. It is up to us to work together to demand that wealthy corporations pay their fair share in taxes and our lawmakers put the needs of working families ahead of corporate profits. United, we will ensure that our nursing homes have the resources to keep our loved ones safe and provide the good jobs our communities need.

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