Medicaid IS a Jobs Program!

Here in Pennsylvania we are uniting to protect quality nursing home care. Across the country others are uniting in the same struggle.

Last week a retired plumber attending Congressman Ryan Paul’s town hall meeting in Wisconsin, began to speak out about Paul’s proposed budget cuts, which would end Medicare and Medicaid as we know it. The police swiftly grabbed the man, pushed him into the hallway, threw him down and handcuffed him. Though the man asked the cops to be careful, he’s healing from a broken shoulder, they still pulled his arms behind his back and cuffed him. As this was all taking place, Paul joked, “I hope he took his blood pressure medicine today,” his supporters laughed.

This retired plumber, other seniors in nursing homes and the disabled are all taking the hit first when these draconian cuts come. Healthcare workers around the country, who will likely lose their jobs, will share in this sacrifice. All the while the super rich will be given even greater tax cuts. How is this even remotely fair?

Medicaid, the program that provides nursing home care for most seniors, is one of the programs that provide the kind of healthcare jobs our communities need. The deep budget cuts being proposed could result in even lower nursing home staffing and less hands-on care for nursing home residents.

On a near daily basis you can hear politicians talk about creating the jobs our communities need, but all the talk of jobs, jobs, jobs is useless if they’re cutting jobs elsewhere at the same time.

Our lawmakers need to get Medicaid off the chopping block and realize that doing so returns the dignity and respect our communities deserve and worked so hard for. They need to realize that they need to be helping right now, not hurting!

Are you ready to be heard on this?

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